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Recurly Announces Support for Bacs via GoCardless

July 1, 2020

Recurly is excited to announce support for Bacs via GoCardless. Bacs is a direct debit banking method popular in the United Kingdom. Bacs allows you to pull funds from a shopper’s bank account, skipping the credit card networks altogether. With about 90% of the UK population paying at least one bill using Bacs, it’s a powerful option to give your shoppers the payment methods they prefer.
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Benefits of Offering Bacs

High shopper confidence is key to payment method adoption. Bacs offers important shopper protections with their Direct Debit Guarantee. With the Direct Debit Guarantee, shoppers are protected in the case of a fraudulent or inadvertent charge to their account.

There are big benefits to Recurly merchants, as well. Bacs is frequently a lower cost option compared to credit and debit card processing. With no card to lose or update, Bacs details are much more likely to be up-to-date, increasing authorization rates for merchants.

Recurly’s partnership with GoCardless offers significant benefits to merchants, especially over building a direct connection. Where merchant size has traditionally been a blocker for adopting Bacs, GoCardless makes Bacs available to merchants of all sizes. While building Bacs support could take months on your own, Recurly and GoCardless have done the heavy lifting for you. Just start collecting bank account information on your checkout page and you’re ready to go.

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