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Introducing GoCardless Pro - the Direct Debit solution for larger organisations

May 26, 2023

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An exciting new development at GoCardless today – large organisations looking for complete control over your payments and customer experience - this one’s for you…

Having opened up the world of Direct Debit to thousands of SMEs across the UK, as part of our mission to rewrite Europe’s recurring payment infrastructure, we are proud to introduce GoCardless Pro.

GoCardless Pro is specifically designed for larger organisations coupling the simplicity our customers love about the original GoCardless product with the complete control over payments and customer experience that large organisations need. We’re already working with The Guardian and many other multinational organisations, to provide them with a payments solution that lets them focus on what’s important to them.

How does it work?

With GoCardless Pro we offer a simple, modern REST API which allows you to seamlessly integrate online Direct Debit with your website or CRM. This includes full documentation, client libraries and technical support to assist with integrations.

How is it different to the original GoCardless product?

With GoCardless, you use our SUN to make the process of taking payments simpler and cheaper. It means you can get set up and start taking payments in minutes and we do all the hard work for you.

GoCardless Pro is specifically designed for larger organisations who want the simplicity of our Basic product but also need a higher level of control over the process. We will arrange for these organisations to get their own SUN and then we act as a Facilities Managed Direct Debit provider. Similarly to the Basic product we then do all the hard work for you saving you from having to get an SUN from your bank and jump through compliance hoops whilst allowing you to collect from your customers in your own name.

How is that different to other Direct Debit providers?

Like our original GoCardless product, GoCardless Pro stands out above its competitors for several reasons - here are seven of our favourites:

1. No File Uploading Needed

There is no need to extract or submit payment or refund files with GoCardless. All submissions are passed to us via the API and we ping you with the information via webhooks.

2. Real-Time Reporting and Instant Notifications

Our webhooks allow you to build out real-time reporting and let you instantly notify customers and merchants of any event. This means you’ll always know as soon as a payment fails so you can resolve any disputes more quickly and easily.

3. Predictable Costing

We have a simple transaction fee and a flat monthly fee for merchants. There are no hidden fees for things like chargebacks, payment failures or adding new customers.

4. Free and Simple to Integrate

No set-up cost and a simple REST API to build from. As well as the API, merchants will have access to the GoCardless Pro dashboards.

5. Banking errors managed by GoCardless

If a banking error or failure message is received we will immediately let you know the reasons for the failure. We will then work with you to solve any issues and then resubmit the payment. Competitors sometimes pass these back to the merchants for them to sort out themselves.

6. Refunds are made easy

Refunds are processed in the same API, whereas competitors often deliver a separate reporting flow on refunds meaning more work for you.

7. UK and SEPA in one API

GoCardless Pro is the first product to offer both UK and SEPA Direct Debit in one simple API. This means you can take payments from across Europe without needing to integrate anything else.

If it sounds like GoCardless Pro could be the solution you’ve been looking for you can find out more here or get in touch with our sales team for a free quote today.

What does this mean for existing customers?

The standard GoCardless API and dashboard will continue to work as normal. GoCardless is still the perfect option for most of our existing customers - giving simple, low price payments with easy set up and minimal admin. But if you are one of our users who have been hoping to have more control over your payments then GoCardless Pro could be the product for you.

So that’s the big news for today, but we’ve got lots of other exciting features in the works to save you even more time & money – be sure to check back to find out what we have planned!

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