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Introducing Fin{x}HR – The Premier HR Help Desk Service for Accounting Firms

May 28, 2024

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Say goodbye to overwhelming HR complexities and hello to Fin{x}HR, the game-changing HR help desk service designed specifically for accounting firms and bookkeeping businesses. Launched today, Fin{x}HR, powered by MHR, equips firms with the tools, knowledge, and support to manage any HR task with confidence and compliance. Accounting professionals can now focus on their core compliance tasks and advisory, knowing that expert HR support is just a call away.

Transforming HR Management for Accounting Professionals

Fin{x}HR addresses a critical need in the accounting industry. Our research reveals that many firms are bombarded with HR enquiries but often lack the deep HR expertise required to answer them effectively. As a result, valuable hours meant for accounting and bookkeeping duties are instead spent on researching HR-related answers. Fin{x}HR provides a specialised HR help desk that handles clients' HR issues quickly, correctly, and in line with Australian laws and regulations.

Key Benefits of Fin{x}HR:

  • Expert HR Support: Fin{x}HR offers dedicated HR support tailored for accounting professionals. It ensures firms have access to high-quality HR advice without the overhead costs of additional staff.
  • Compliance and Efficiency: Navigating the complexities of Australian HR laws and regulations can be daunting. Fin{x}HR ensures compliance, providing peace of mind and allowing accounting professionals to focus on what they do best – managing financial tasks.

Empower Your Firm with Fin{x}HR

Fin{x}HR is more than just an HR help desk; it's a comprehensive support system that empowers firms to streamline HR operations. With Fin{x}HR, accounting professionals can offload HR complexities, freeing up time to focus on core financial and advisory tasks. The service offers quick answers through a responsive help desk, access to a comprehensive resource library, and personalised consultations with dedicated HR managers.

A Word from David Simpson, CEO of Fin{x}HR

“We have been an unofficial resource for our accounting firm for a long time. Providing expert advisory directly to their client facing accountants. Now it’s time for us to make that available for all accounting firms. I present to you Fin{x}HR. A powerhouse that lets your accountants become more valuable to your clients.”

Upcoming Webinar Series

To further support the launch, Fin{x}HR will be hosting a series of FREE webinars on the most important HR topics flagged by accountants, such as:

  • "Avoid Hiring Pitfalls and Hire Smart: Proven Strategies for Scaling Your Clients' Businesses"
  • "Navigate Firing and Redundancies with Confidence: Master HR Compliance for Legal and Smooth Exits"
  • "Contractors, Freelancers, or Full-Time? Discover the Best Employment Arrangements for Flexibility and Stability"
  • And more!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your HR management skills and empower your firm for excellence.

Secure your seat for our upcoming webinar series and become eligible for a limited launch discount offer, saving you $450 on our Professional Plan for the first three months! Register to attend and secure your limited launch discount.

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